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Andre in Foxworth, MS *****
My wife and I had Engine failure in our Yukon in a McDonald’s parking lot.. and Big Boy Status came and saved the day!!! Our tow truck Jason Cagle was amazing!!! He got us to the dealership 70 miles away with no problem!!! I’ll recommend Big Boy Status Towing for anyone!!!! I’m so glad I called Big Boy Status Towing!!!
David in North Fort Myers, FL *****
Our skoolie broke down in mississippi and our auto club hooked us up with Bigg Boy Status. Tyler called me, got the info he needed an arrived within 15 minutes, on a Sunday afternoon. Towed us to a local garage. Did an excellent job. Very professional, friendly and courteous. Thanks for your help Ty
Phillip in Panama city fl, FL *****
Did a good and fast job, couldn’t ask for anything better
Brynn in D'Iberville, MS *****
We had a boat with a broken axel;I apologize for not getting the guys name but, he was very knowledgable and very polite! I will use him again if needed! Thank you again!
Jacob in Kiln, MS *****
Overall great experience driver arrived exactly when communicated loaded up and rolled out real friendly and fast service 10/10 would use again
Margie in Millbrook, AL *****
On 29 Dec 20, traveling from Texas to Alabama with my granddaughter, I hit something in the road that immediately took out my front tire on the driver’s side. I was on a bridge and was able to safely get over to the shoulder. The cars and trucks were roaring past. I looked out enough to see that my tire was totally flat with damage to my rim. I called AAA and was told a truck would be there. I tried to explain it would be dangerous for a repair. I told them I would need a new tire to get home. They suggested I call around to find a tire shop. It took forever before I got a call back from AAA. There was a problem with my location since I was on a bridge and AAA was not giving me hope. After a while, I remembered I had roadside assistance and warranty on the recently purchased tires so I called my tire shop. They gave me the number and I called. Bigg Boy Status Towing called me and assured me they would be there. I explained that I could not drive over 200 miles on a donut. In the meantime, I was calling around to find a tire shop with the tire size I needed. One shop had the tire but no time to do the work. Not even the dealership had the tire in stock. I was out of luck and resigned myself to staying overnight until a tire could be ordered for next day delivery. My granddaughter and I joked that we had taken a class to learn how to change a tire but not how to do so on a busy highway. I received a call back from Bigg Boy Status Towing and she assured me that she would work to find the tire and find a place to replace the tire. She calmed me down tremendously. We were so thankful to God to see the tow truck arriving after being there for three hours. Tyler was concerned and calming for us and I was concerned for his safety. It was so dangerous, we remained in the car as he lifted it on the bed of the tow truck and we traveled that way to the tire shop. Tyler made sure the tire was available and they would be able to get the job done. I was so relieved that these angels worked so hard to get my granddaughter and I back on the road so we could get home! They were so professional and compassionate at the same time. It surely made a difference. I highly recommend them! By the way, AAA never arrived or even called with an update.
Tera in Poplarville, MS *****
JR & Desiree have assisted me twice with moving 2 buildings. They are professional and reliable and fair with their pricing! I sincerely appreciate the fact that they communicate and always interested in delivering absolute quality! I feel certain that we will be doing more business together in the near future with moving additional building for my personal/business use.
Jessica in Picayune, MS *****
I contacted Tyler about getting my Jeep unlocked on a Sunday, he was at my home within an hour. Tyler was very professional and provided great customer service! I highly recommend this company.
John in Gulfport, MS *****
Stranded on I-10 with a flat tire, one lug nut was rounded off and I was unable to remove it. Called BiggBoy for a tow. Tyler came out and was able to remove the bad lug nut, changed the tire and had us on our way. Thanks for the quick response time and a great job.
Chris in Covington, LA *****
I was traveling for work yesterday, on my way home when I had a flat tire that was beyond repair. Jason was dispatched and was very prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. He walked in with me at Goodyear to provide assistance. When we were told that they needed to order a tire, he offered to bring me back to their office in order to provide my husband a shorter drive time from Covington. What a kind gesture! THANK YOU, JASON!
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